HSA-Alt Science Item Specifications and Assessment Vocabulary
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HSA-Alt Science Item Specifications and Assessment Vocabulary

Aug 3, 2023

These documents contain item specifications, content relevant vocabulary lists, and general vocabulary lists for the HSA-Alternate Science (NGSS) assessments for each grade-band assessment: Grade 5 (elementary school), Grade 8 (middle school), and Grade 11 (high school).
Item specifications are provided for each of HSA-Alt Science Range Performance Level Descriptors (Range PLDs) for the corresponding grade band. The item specifications include: the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Performance Expectations (PEs) with the associated Science and Engineering Practice, Disciplinary Core Idea(s), and Cross Cutting Concept; the HSA-Alt Science (NGSS) Essence Statements and Range PLDs; and sample assessment items at various levels of difficulty. The item specifications are designed to guide the work of item writers, and the review of items by stakeholders. They may also be helpful to teachers’ instruction of HSA-Alt-eligible students in the classroom.
The content relevant and general academic vocabulary lists were compiled in collaboration with and reviewed by Hawaii educators familiar with the HSA-Alt Science Range PLDs and may be used as a resource to support classroom instruction and in preparation for the HSA-Alt assessments.

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