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This page provides users with the current status of all online HSAP systems. From this page, users may also access the individual systems.
Configuration Guidelines for iOS Devices /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/L522774B_Assessment-with-iPad_FF.pdf
Feature Restrictions for iOS Devices /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/Apple-and-Smarter-Assessments.pdf
In order to meet test security requirements, all testing devices must run an approved secure browser. These documents include information on the guidelines for the configuration of iOS devices and the feature restrictions for iOS devices.
HSAP System Requirements 2018-2019 /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/HSAP_System_Requirements_2018-2019.pdf
Updated August 07, 2018
This document provides information on the system requirements for online testing in 2018-2019.
HSAP Technical Specifications Manual 2018-2019 /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/Technical_Specifications_Manual_2018-2019.pdf
Updated September 27, 2018
This document for Technology Coordinators provides information on hardware and software requirements for online testing, and guidelines for online testing environments.
iPad 1-to-1 Program Agreement to Participate /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/iPad-1-to-1-Program-Agreement-to-Participate-2016-17.docx
HSA-Alt iPad Project Step-by-Step Guide /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/HSA-Alt-iPad-Project-Step-by-Step-Guide.pdf
This agreement form and step-by-step guide are available for HSA-Alt TAs with students participating in the DOE Assessment Section's HSA-Alt 1-to-1 iPad Program in SY 2016-2017.
Operating System Support Plan for Test Delivery System 2018-2019 /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/Operating-System-Support-Plan_2018-2019.pdf
Updated October 23, 2018
This document describes the plan for supporting operating systems during the upcoming test administration and following years. This plan helps schools manage operating system deployments based on the support timelines.
Secure Browser Installation Manual 2018-2019 /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/Secure_Browser_Installation_Manual_2018-2019.pdf
This document provides detailed instructions on installing Secure Browsers for secure online testing.