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ORS Training Module (Non-Narrated) 2018-2019 /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/ORS-Training-Module-Non-Narrated-2018-2019.pptx
Updated February 05, 2019
This training module includes key features of the Online Reporting System.
ORS Tutorial: Creating Rosters /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/AddRoster.mp4
ORS Tutorial: Defining the Student Population /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/DefiningStudentPopulation.mp4
ORS Tutorial: Downloading Individual Student Reports /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/DownloadingPDFMP4720.mp4
ORS Tutorial: Downloading Student Data Files /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/DownloadingStudentData720.mp4
ORS Tutorial: Printing Reports /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/PrintingReport720.mp4
ORS Tutorial: Viewing and Editing Rosters /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/ViewEditRoster.mp4
ORS Tutorial: Viewing Claim Detail Reports /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/ClaimsReport.mp4
ORS Tutorial: Viewing Item Detail Reports /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/GeneratingItemLevelMP4.mp4
ORS Tutorial: Viewing Reports by Demographic Subgroups /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/ViewReportByDemographic.mp4
ORS Tutorial: Viewing Target Reports /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/TargetReport.mp4
These short tutorials provide a generic overview of features, reports, and labels within the Online Reporting System.
TA Interface Training Module (Non-Narrated) 2018-2019 (Coming Soon)
This training module is designed to help you understand the Test Administrator (TA) Live Site that you will use during online testing.
TIDE Training Module (Non-Narrated) 2018-2019 /core/fileparse.php/3344/urlt/TIDE-Module-2018-2019.pptx
This training module is designed to help navigate the Test Information Distribution Engine.