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  • The Assessment Section will be conducting school site visits during the statewide assessment testing windows this spring to observe test administrations. School Test Coordinators and Test Administrators may find additional information about these site visits in the official HIDOE announcement memo here.

    Added April 20, 2018
  • The TIDE system has added the “Discrepancy Resolution System” (DRS) feature in the “Data Management” dropdown to help users identify non-participated students at their schools. Users should use this feature to enter the applicable “Reasons for Non-Participation (non-participation code)” for each student and test. Once every student on this list generated in the DRS has a non-participation code, there should be no names left to view. To access the DRS, select the "Data Management" dropdown and then click "Discrepancy Resolution." For additional information on how to use the DRS, please refer to the HSAP TIDE User Guide 2017-2018.

    Added April 16, 2018
  • The Hawaii DOE Assessment Section has released a memo regarding the Hawaii State Assessment-Alternate (HSA-Alt) identification process, including details about the HSA-Alt Participation Criteria. School IEP teams area encouraged to review the memo prior to meeting to review each student's current academic achievement and functional performance to determine the student's participation in the appropriate state-wide assessment(s). The memo may be accessed by clicking here or via the Resources > Hawaii DOE Memos section of the HSA-Alt portal.

    Added April 16, 2018
  • Field Test Administration Guidelines in the Spring 2018 Guide to Navigating the Online HSA-Alt (see pages 44-45) have been updated. HSA-Alt Test Administrators must ensure that all of the following take place for the final field test portion of this year's test: (1) Manual adjustment of the Text-to-Speech rate; (2) Selection of both ear icons for ELA and Science items in order to hear stimulus, question, and answer options; (3) Expansion of stimulus visual to see full image (using expanded passage tool); and (4) Pressing medium-size "Next Item" icon above question to enter student response (if icon cannot be seen, close the Navigation Bar).

    Added April 5, 2018
  • Updated HSA-Alt Training Tests are now available for all grade bands and content areas. The updated Training Test site includes the Learner Characteristics Inventory (a separate training form), and each updated Training Test includes examples of the Student Placement Questionnaire (at the start) and new training items (at the end) similar to the field test items found at the end of this year's summative test. The Assessment Section recommends that HSA-Alt Test Administrators use the updated Training Tests to practice the following field test navigation skills with students: 1) Selecting an answer option (notice that a blue check mark appears in the corner of the answer option card); 2) Changing an answer option by selecting another option (notice that the blue check mark shifts to the most recent selection); 3) Closing the Navigation Bar by clicking the Full Screen icon (notice a small green "NEXT" arrow above each field test item when the Navigation Bar is closed). NOTE: The field test exemplars on the Training Test use human recorded audio while the field test items on this year's summative test use text-to-speech. For additional information on slowing text-to-speech delivery speed during the summative assessment, see pages 34 and 44 of the Spring 2018 Guide to Navigating the Online HSA-Alt.

    Added March 29, 2018
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