Frequently Asked Questions about Testing Materials
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Frequently Asked Questions about Testing Materials

Will there be any testing materials shipped to schools for the HSA-Alt Online Administration?

No. There will be no testing materials shipped to schools for the HSA-Alt online administration (either CEAs or summative).


Will paper/pencil test kits be automatically shipped to schools?

No. The summative HSA-Alt for ELA, Mathematics, and Science (NGSS) will be available in paper response option format in spring 2023 for students only after a Test Coordinator submits a test kit request form. Test Administrators who would like to request a paper/pencil test kit for one or more of their students will need to contact their school Test Coordinator. Test Coordinators will be responsible for requesting paper/pencil test kits via email using the Spring 2023 Paper/Pencil Test Kit Accommodation Request Form, available on the “Test Administration Forms” page of the HSA-Alt portal website at


How many paper/pencil test kits will I need?

Test kits for the paper response option test administration will be issued for each student verified for the paper/pencil test kit. If a single Test Administrator has more than one student in a grade who is verified for the paper/pencil test kit, they will be sent one test kit which may be re-used to test all of the verified students in that grade. Test Administrators may not use a paper/pencil test kit to administer the HSA-Alt to a student who is not verified for the paper/pencil test kit.


I am not sure if the material counts for the paper/pencil testing materials I received are correct. How can I be sure that I have all of the materials I need?

For paper/pencil test kits, if you are unsure how to count the number of manipulatives, it would be best to compare the received materials against the materials packing list included in the shipment. Test Administrators should notify their Test Coordinator, and the Test Coordinator should contact the HSAP Help Desk at 1-866-648-3712 or, if the Test Administrator believes they are missing any paper/pencil testing materials.


Will schools be required to return the paper/pencil test kit materials?

YES. ALL testing materials for the Paper/Pencil Administration are due back to the school HSA-Alt Test Coordinator no later than May 24, 2023. Test Coordinators must ship all paper/pencil testing materials back to Cambium Assessment no later than May 25, 2023. Full information regarding the return of testing materials may be found in the HSA-Alt Test Coordinators Manual, available in the Test Administration folder in the Resources section of the HSA-Alt portal website